ABB since 2005

Brazilian Boomerang Association (ABB) provides many opportunities for Brazilian boomerangers to compete, learn and grow. Since its formation in 2005, ABB has hosted 7 Brazilian Nationals, 3 Indoor, and 3 H2H Championships. Also, every year ABB brings in an international thrower to share their knowledge and experience with Brazilian boomerangers.


Throwers from around the world come together every two years to compete at the World Boomerang Championships! The spirit of competition is intense but more important to these throwers, is the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. Every two years throwers from many different nations and cultures sacrifice their time, money and family to visit with their extended boomerang family at the WBC.

Latin America

Area: 21.069.501 km²

Population: 570 million inhabitants

East: Atlantic Ocean / West: Pacific Ocean

Most important cities: Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro

Countries: 20 – Central America (Caribbean sea) and 12 – South America

 This is the first time Latin America will host a WBC.

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